Rare Epcot Center Spaceman Light Switch Cover

Apr 23, 2020Misc

rare vintage Epcot Center Spaceman light switch cover
A drawing of the light switch by reddit user u/tasadek.

Its no secret I am deeply connected to the original Epcot Center. To this day I still remember still frames from my first trip at two years old in 1985. I remember being held under Spaceship Earth looking up. The dinosaurs on The Universe Of Energy. Looking down behind the ride vehicle on Spaceship Earth on the “return to earth” and being scared of the height.

After countless trips through the 80s and 90s with family, friends and school, Epcot has changed in the last twenty years and has lost its futuristic, innovative and educational direction. I have been picking up some original Epcot memorabilia items from eBay but an ultra-rare item has surfaced from an unexpected source!

photo of Epcot Space man light switch
Ultra rare (mid-1980s vintage) Epcot Center Spaceman Light Switch Cover

A buddy who makes a killing frequenting thrift stores in Winter Park, FL found this and picked it up for $2.00 and gave it to me because he knows Im always after retro Epcot stuff. I got it from him and thought it was cool but didn’t think much of it for a while. I started looking online on places like eBay and such trying to find out what something like that is worth. Well I could not find any information. I only found some info on a similar style light switch cover featuring Figment the fictional dragon who is the mascot of the Imagination pavilion.

Retro-futureism: Here’s to the past!

The ABS plastic has discolored greatly over the years and I am considering doing a retr0brite treatment on it. I just hope it won’t adversely affect the paint and colors, particularly the sparkle on the planet behind his head.

I posted it to r/RetroFuturism and r/Epcot and the subreddit subscribers went nuts! A user asked me to upload a scan of it for drawing and 3D printing purposes. Here is a link to the PDF scan of it. The drawing at the top of the page is a drawing done by a follow redditor and another had said they were going to create a 3D printable stl file for us but I haven’t seen it yet. If I get my hands on it, I will post it here as well.