Vintage Pensacola 90s Cartoon Business Map

Jul 23, 2020Misc2 comments

If you lived in Pensacola in the 90s I have a treat for you.  You may recall seeing these “Pensacola Fun Maps” around town in area businesses and homes.  It was a cleaver marketing gimmick where a business would contact the artist and give them the details about their business.  Then the artist made a caricature of the business’s faced and added it to this map.

I was recently in Four Winds picking up some of their garlic feta dip and saw this old, torn and tattered one hanging on the wall.  I asked the proprietor, “I wish this wasn’t torn, I’d love to buy it from you!”  To my surprise he brought out a large stack of them in almost mint condition!  One bottom corner seems to have gotten wet and stuck together but hey, no ones perfect.  I bought the stack from him for a reasonable price and now I’m the proud owner.  Im. having one framed and may make the rest available to others soon!


  1. Brian

    I had one of these on my bedroom wall growing up in the 90’s. Glad to see it on here; nice trip down memory lane from a time when Pensacola was a significantly smaller town. If you have any you are willing to make available, please contact me.

  2. Amy Gill

    Good afternoon Mr. Halfasscraftsman Sir, I just happened upon your great fortune and was wondering if you have given any more thought as to separate yourself from merely one of those slightly perfect maps? My husband grew up in Pensacola and I believe he would like one. I would appreciate a reply back either way. Look forward to hearing from you!
    Thank you,
    Amy Gill