Vintage Pensacola 90s Cartoon Business Map

Jul 23, 2020Misc0 comments

If you lived in Pensacola in the 90s I have a treat for you.  You may recall seeing these “Pensacola Fun Maps” around town in area businesses and homes.  It was a cleaver marketing gimmick where a business would contact the artist and give them the details about their business.  Then the artist made a caricature of the business’s faced and added it to this map.

I was recently in Four Winds picking up some of their garlic feta dip and saw this old, torn and tattered one hanging on the wall.  I asked the proprietor, “I wish this wasn’t torn, I’d love to buy it from you!”  To my surprise he brought out a large stack of them in almost mint condition!  One bottom corner seems to have gotten wet and stuck together but hey, no ones perfect.  I bought the stack from him for a reasonable price and now I’m the proud owner.  Im. having one framed and may make the rest available to others soon!


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