Installing Active LASER Countermeasures in 2014-2020 GM Full-size Trucks

Apr 22, 2020Auto0 comments

How to install any Laser Jammer in any Full-size GM Truck

Just wanted to drop a embed for my old video where I installed my Laser Interceptor into my 2016 Sierra. That truck turned out to be faulty with the “chevy shake.” Here is a video playlist of the symptoms of the shake in my truck… any who back to the install. I switch trucks often so its important to have a quick process to move this equipment as easily as possible. The CPU is intended to be hard wired to the electrical system but I threw a cigarette lighter plug on the end and plug it in the outlet in the back of the console for easy access. Hope you enjoy the video and hope it helps you install something even if its not a laser jammer, anything you need to get in to the cabin from the engine bay works this way.

Installation Video

Dashcam Video of Laser Jammer vs FHP

My Laser Interceptor in action vs FHP on I-110, without it he would’ve got me!


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