Restoring a King Kooker propane cooker

May 3, 2020Outdoor Improvements0 comments

Propane cooker sees new life

A friend was going to throw out this propane cooker a couple years ago. I asked for it with the intention of repairing and restoring. Three years later… here we are.

king cooker propane cooker restoration

I couldn’t look at it anymore so earlier this week I finally dove in to the internet looking for replacement parts online. I ended up finding Metal Fusion’s King Kooker brand. It took a lot of searching because I wasn’t smart enough to look in the center of the burners where, written right in the metal, it says “Metal Fusion”. That would have made the process a little faster.

Below you can see the video of the process. Just some quick notes if you’re thinking about doing this or something like it yourself. It wasn’t much cheaper than buying a new one. With the replacement manifold and fuel hose the cost was over $60 shipped from the manufacturer. That is half way to the cost of a whole new cooker. Had I needed to get two new burners, it would have been the same cost as buying the new one. These are not far enough gone to throw out. All in all it was a nice project for a Sunday morning.

Hell, the reason I did all this is because… Blackened Redfish. Living in the south every restaurant has a blackened offering on the menu but few of them are made right. Blackened is dredging the fish in butter, then covering with tons of blackened seasoning. Then you get a cast iron skillet to white hot on a cooker as such and toss it in for 45 seconds. Now that the cooker is fixed let’s see if we can’t get a video of that too.


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