Wilson Wilson was not real.

Apr 22, 2020Misc0 comments

On a blog about home improvements we need to talk about the sitcom Home Improvement. One of my favorite shows, we watched from the pilot to the series finale, never missed an episode and have rewatched it countless times since the end in 1998. Everyone loves the brainy neighbor Wilson but I have a perspective on Wilson that many have not considered.

Let your conscience guide the way

Of course he was a real person actor but not a real character. He’s supposed to be like the Taylor’s conscience or inner thought process. That’s why everyone, even Al and Jill and the kids have episodes where they go out to the fence to talk to Wilson, they’re having some sort of dilemma and need to think to through. That’s why he is where ever they go. For example on vacation or camping, etc. He’s always there and always steers them in the right direction. This is why you never see his face. It’s done in a really cool way. This show is so great, they really did a good job on it. It’s no wonder why it was one of the top sitcoms of the 90s.


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